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A Software Development House in London

What We Do
Web SitesThe company has years of experience in building websites. We more than just build them, we like to proactively add to what they can do to really give your business that USP against the competition!
E-CommerceWhether you are looking for an off-the-shelf customised solution, or a complete web based business system, we are ready to help. We know the importance of a good E-commerce site to sales so are experts in reliable, well thought out systems.
App DevelopmentModern life revolves around the use of mobile and tablet apps, whether it be a simple representation of your website, a data collection app, or a specific app designed with a marketing campaign in mind, we can help
SEOForever the popular request, Search Engine Optimisation is the art of improving your sites code and content to help you get as high up the Google listings as are possible. And it goes without saying that in new builds we always follow best practices.
HostingWhether it just be assisting in the migration or helping with the configuration of your own hosting, or hosting and supporting your site and apps ourselves, hosting is a core part of what we do. We can also help optimise your hosting for that big traffic campaign you have coming up!
Email MarketingWith years of experience in Email marketing (which incidentally is still the most reliable way to ensure ROI when marketing), we can build beautiful, responsive, and innovative emails and help you deploy them to your entire customer base (perhaps using Pixel Mailer)
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)In a post-GDPR world, monitoring your customers preferences are no longer just a profitable and worthwhile exercise for upselling and customising content. It is now essential and for that purpose we've created our own fully featured CRM Pixel Mailer
Technical ConsultancyIf what you're looking for is not listed above, or if you just need a second opinion or want some help with an existing solution, please contact us anyway. We will be happy to hear your requirements and see how we can help. We'd love a chance to prove our wide breadth of knowledge.
Who We Are
Prudent Pixel Ltd.

Prudent Pixel Ltd.

Technology seems to either baffle people or come naturally. Too many times, people were left unhappy with their technology provided for using complicated jargon or providing technical solutions that just didn't fit what was needed. That was why Prudent Pixel was founded. Our job is to translate the technical jargon our developers need into plain and simple words you will understand, and our team pride ourselves on making sure we take all the time necessary to ensure you completely understand our process. Secondly, we put more attention to detail in the requirements capture to ensure we completely understand what it is you want from your technical solution. This way, you both understand and have what you want.
Matt Haysom

Matt Haysom (MD)

Matt’s skillset from RMIT University in Australia has allowed him to travel all over the world working in exciting environments, from developing radio streaming apps in Australia, Smart TV applications in France, to a prolonged work placement in The Netherlands, and (finally) settling in the UK, Matt is always keen to use cutting edge technology to simplify the user experience, from Web sites to Mobile Applications and everything in between! Matt literally built himself a “simple” mobile phone app to water his plants!
The Team

The Team

We pride ourselves on teamwork, after all one pixel is just one piece of light, but together pixels make brilliant images! We are always open to accepting resumes if you think you have what it takes to be part of our team! Don't hesitate to send your CV to

How we work

Through years of experience we have developed a thourgh method to working with our clients which ensures our clients are delivered what they are expecting on time and with the high level of professionalism and quality we promise to deliver.

Of course, our process is flexible if you have an existing method in place, the following is an example of the general workflow
Step 1 Requirements Capture What sets Prudent Pixel aside from our competitors is that we really invest the time to understanding your business. It's important that we understand what you are hoping to get from your project - even if you haven't worked that part out yet! Ensuring we understand what you want ensures we produce a quality product which serves your needs Step 2 The Proposal Having understood your needs and ensuring we're correct, we then set to work behind the scenes coming up with a solution. The first document we send is a proposal on how we envision working together along with a ballpark cost.
Step 3 The Statement of Work Now that everything is agreed we are ready to go! We produce a Statement of Work which outlines all of our agreement: the cost, timings, deliverables and exact scope. Step 4 Preparation for Development If any other assets are required such as design work, these will generally be done before development begins. Often this process includes a round of amends to ensure we all are happy with the end result.
Step 5 Development! The exciting part! Our developers set to work creating your new project! Depending on the type of project we often often create a temporary beta environment which we password protect so you can monitor the progress, and depending on the length of the project often have frequent progress update meetings to ensure you are constantly kept in the loop! Step 6 Going Live! Once you're happy with your project, the final step is to flick the switch and make it live! Of course if this is replacing a previous project we take a backup to ensure you don't loose any content!

Ongoing Support

Of course the process doesn't end there! Most of the time you will want to continue receiving support, afterall who knows what the future will bring and if anything changes, we will always be ready to help and assist as required!

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